KEITAIALL: Specs on all Japanese Mobiles

Posted by Paul McMahon on 2009-12-04

matsui-san has written a new blog post on, describing KEITAIALL, a service for viewing technical specs for Japanese mobile phones.  I'm a fan of the site's simple and clean design, that allows you to view information about handsets at a glance, or search for a specific model.

The information provided includes:

  • Carrier
  • Model Name
  • Manufacturer
  • Sale Name
  • Series
  • First Day of Sale
  • Browser Version
  • Generation (2G/3G)
  • Cache
  • Screen Width
  • Flash Version
  • Ranking According to Share

matsui-san ponders about the licensing of this data, and points out that you can view all the data in xml by visiting  If developers are free to use and adapt this data as they choose, it could be a great boon to developers.

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